Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Garry Kasparov to Western leaders: "Stop legitimizing Putin"

Garry Kasparov is - as always - spot on:

Bloomberg TV: "What do you think Obama should do now?"
Me: <pause> "Resign".
Ok, I don't expect that to happen, but my outrage is starting to overtake my grief over Boris's murder. To the question of what the leaders of the free world should do, look at what they have NOT done for years and years to constrain Putin. Treating him like one of the guys, just another leader, instead of a brutal dictator has enabled and encouraged him and is why he is invading Ukraine and why Boris is dead. It may be a little too much to say Obama, Merkel, Cameron, & Hollande have blood on their hands, but they will next time. They can have no more illusions about Putin's true nature. Stop legitimizing Putin, for by so doing, they delegitimize brave fighters like Boris.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Finally: The London Symphony Orchestra dumps Putin admirer Gergiev

Kudos to the venerable London Symphony Orchestra, which finally has decided to rid itself of criminal dictator Vladimir Putin´s friend, Valery Gergiev:

Sir Simon confirms he will take over as music director at London Symphony Orchestra in September 2017 after 12 years at Berlin Philharmonic

Simon Rattle is to join the London Symphony Orchestra, he has confirmed.
He will take over in September 2017, it was confirmed in an announcement on Tuesday morning.
Sir Simon has spent the past 12 years at the Berlin Philharmonic, widely considered the best orchestra in the world, and his contract was to run until 2018.
The management of the LSO said it was "a great day" for the orchestra.

Indeed, the dumping of Gergiev is the best thing that has happened to the LSO in many years!