Friday, 13 May 2016

Frederick Forsyth about Angela Merkel: "making one mistake after another"

Frederick Forsyth gives a brilliant description of what Germany´s Frau Merkel has been doing lately:

I mean, making one mistake after another. 
But that seems to be what Chancellor Merkel has been doing. 
First, she opens Germany’s doors to a million incoming refugees, hoping to score a moral triumph. 
It works for a week or so. 
Then when the full reality dawns, her people turn against her. 
The dislocation to their orderly lives starts a torrent of protest. 
Then she rams through a deal that puts the tyrannical Turkish President Erdogan very much in the driving seat. 
He will confine in camps inside Turkey a few thousand of the human tide sweeping to Europe. 
In exchange 78 million Turks get visa-free access to Europe, plus three billion pounds for starters. 
Now a leak reveals a German plan to create a true EU military union of army, navy, air force and command headquarters but separate from Nato with which we have happily and efficiently co-operated for years. 
Add that to one police authority, one intelligence structure, one law code (corpus juris) and one judiciary. 
It is called a superstate – what David Cameron and his pro-Brussels sycophants said was never going to happen. 
On June 23 can we please have our country back?

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Shock poll: Majority of Germans want Merkel out

Soon Germans will say goodbye to this lady:

A SHOCK new poll shows disaster looming for German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the majority of Germans wanting her kicked out of office.

Support for Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party has also plummeted to a woeful 30.5 per cent due to her pro-immigration and pro-Brussels stance.
Just 36 per cent of people think she should seek a fourth term in next year’s election. 
The stunning INSA polls highlight a sea-change in support for Merkel and her policies, which have sparked weekly protests.

Read the entire article here

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Camels may save us from extinction in "a world of human-induced climate change"!

Camels may again become the favourite mode of transport in
a "a world of human-induced climate change". But, as this video shows, it´s not going
to be easy to get a camel driving licence!

Finally scientists have found a better mode of transport than a Prius or a Tesla - the camel! According to this article, dromedaries may even save humanity from extinction caused by global warming!:

It’s ironic that an animal that would have died out without human intervention is now poised to be among the best adapted for a world of human-induced climate change. Earth of the future is getting hotter, and deserts are expanding — both because of changing weather and because of land use and agricultural practices. Dromedaries are naturally adapted to a hot, dry climate, and as a result they could be amazing partners to humans in a changing world, providing food and transportation for communities in areas where the agricultural potential is marginal.

Dromedaries will be better at adapting to the future world because of the genetic variation that is a result of their history as desert wanderers. Having a large variety of genes in a population ups the odds that at least a few of them will be well-adapted to the changing environment. These survivors will pass on their good genes to offspring, allowing for a population to grow that is well suited to the new environmental condition.
Our human ancestors once saved the dromedary from extinction. Now it’s their turn to save us.

However, you should know that good baby camels do not come cheap. Be prepared to pay at least $10,000.00 for "an amazing partner in a changing world".

Monday, 9 May 2016

Donald Trump´s views on global warming and climate change are to be welcomed

Steve Milloy points out that Donald Trump has been a consistent critic of the global warming hysteria and green extremism in general. Here are some of the points Trump has made:

Global warming is a “hoax,” echoing the words of leading Senate climate skeptic Sen. Jim Inhofe.
  • Trump has mocked Obama for saying that climate change is the top global priority, especially as compared to Islamic terrorism and rogue nuclear states like Iran and North Korea.
  • Other countries, especially China, push global warming hysteria to cripple the U.S. economy and gain competitive advantage.
  • Trump has ridiculed Obama’s climate “deal” with China in which the U.S. cuts its CO2 emissions now while China gets away with a commitment to only possibly peak its emissions by 2030.
  • When global temperatures failed to rise as predicted by climate models, “global warming” became “climate change.”
  • Global warming hysteria is being pushed by “Jonathan Gruber-types,” the infamous architect of Obamacare who called Americans “stupid.”
  • Trump has observed that the polar ice caps are not melting as predicted by global warming hysterics.

  • PS
    At least with regard to global warming, Donald Trump would be hugely better as President than the present one.