Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The shame- and brainless John Kerry has been advising David Cameron about ways to overturn Brexit!

Here is another proof that US Secretary of State John Kerry is a walking disaster:

The US secretary of state has raised doubts about whether Brexit will ever happen, suggesting most leave campaigners do not truly believe in Britain’s divorce from the EU and do not know how to achieve it.
Claiming there were a number of ways in which Thursday’s vote could be “walked back”, John Kerry, who visited Downing Street on Monday, said David Cameron was loth to invoke article 50, the EU exit procedure.          
He said the British prime minister felt powerless to “start negotiating a thing that he doesn’t believe in” and “has no idea how he would do it”.
Apparently referring to Boris Johnson, one of the frontrunners to replace Cameron, Kerry added: “And by the way, nor do most of the people who voted to do it.”


Fortunately this shame- and brainless politician will soon be out of work.

This does not reflect very well on David Cameron either. He should not have put in this way when talking to a US Secretary of State!


Excellent Australian initiative:


Read more about the initiative to get rid of the horrendous Paris climate agreement here

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Boycott Billionaire Branson!

Richard Branson:

Billionaire businessman Richard Branson is calling on Parliament to “reject” the “nonbinding” Brexit vote and is demanding a second referendum.

Mr. Branson has insisted the vote was “technically an advisory non-binding referendum for MPs to consider” which should be instantly reconsidered as the public had voted against big business and  globalisation.

Read the entire article here

My advice:

Boycott Billionaire Branson and his Virgin empire!