Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Sunday Telegraph supports Brexit: "The EU belongs to the past"

The Sunday Telegraph joins the Brexit camp:

Leaving the EU does not mean leaving Europe. A vote for Brexit on Thursday will not change our geography. Just as our island story has been intertwined with that of the Continent, often with bloody and tragic consequences, it will continue to be so.
One of the principal ambitions behind the original Common Market was to forge a political system in Europe that would prevent a repeat of the dreadful world wars. Those conflicts involved dictatorships. Democracies do not go to war with each other; and there is no reason why an independent Britain cannot maintain alliances and harmonious relations with our neighbours. Indeed, it is essential that we do so.
But there is a world beyond Europe that the Remain camp simply ignores. A world that offers enormous opportunities for Britain to be a global player once more.
The case for Leaving is not negative and jingoistic. It is optimistic and hopeful. It is the case for a strong, independent and outward-looking Britain. Just as in 1973, when we joined the Common Market, we are at a crossroads in our history. The path we took then offered much but led us into a cul-de-sac, hemmed in by a sclerotic, hide-bound, rules-obsessed, inward‑looking institution.
The EU belongs to the past. On Thursday we hope the country chooses the future – and votes to leave.

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One can only hope that the British will vote to leave the shipwreck called EU!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Will Bill Clinton again be handed the keys to the White House?

One wonders whether Americans are ready to accept that this man again will have the keys to the White House ...

There are probably still a lot of people, who remember this

Norwegian PM wants UK to stay in EU - but back home only 18% of Norwegians would like to join!

The Independent thinks that this is "a blow to Eurosceptics and Leave campaigners":

Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, has said that Britons wishing to leave the European Union next week “won’t like” life on the outskirts of the 28-member state bloc.  
It will come as a blow to Eurosceptics and Leave campaigners who often cite Norway’s relationship with the EU as the model for Britain to emulate. Norway, which rejected joining the bloc at a referendum in 1994, has access to the majority of the continent’s market and is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) agreement.

Ms. Solberg, who already in 2014 declared that she wants to be the politican who takes Norway to the EU - may think that she is coming to the rescue of fellow conservative PM David Cameron with these comments, but her views on EU membership are shared only by 18% of the Norwegians. Even among supporters of Solberg´s own party, only 28% are for Norwegian EU membership!

Ms. Solberg´s advice should be taken with a pinch of salt!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Spectator: EU "resembles nothing so much as the Habsburg Empire in its dying days"

The EU "now resembles nothing so much as the Habsburg Empire in its dying days".
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The Spectator´s stand on Brexit is worth reading:

... when Britain last held a referendum on Europe, every newspaper in the land advocated a ‘yes’ vote. Only two national titles backed what is now called Brexit: the Morning Star and The Spectator.
Our concern then was simple: we did not believe that the Common Market was just about trade. We felt it would be followed by an attempted common government, which would have disastrous effects on a continent distinguished by its glorious diversity. The whole project seemed to be a protectionist scam, an attempt to try to build a wall around the continent rather than embrace world trade. Such European parochialism, we argued, did not suit a globally minded country such as Britain. On the week of the 1975 referendum, The Spectator’s cover line was: ‘Out – and into the world.’ We repeat that line today.
Since 1975 the EU has mutated in exactly the way we then feared and now resembles nothing so much as the Habsburg Empire in its dying days. A bloated bureaucracy that has outgrown all usefulness. A parliament that represents many nations, but with no democratic legitimacy. Countries on its periphery pitched into poverty, or agitating for secession. The EU’s hunger for power has been matched only by its incompetence. The European Union is making the people of our continent poorer, and less free.
This goes far beyond frustration at diktats on banana curvature. The EU has started to deform our government. Michael Gove revealed how, as a cabinet member, he regularly finds himself having to process edicts, rules and regulations that have been framed at European level. Laws that no one in Britain had asked for, and which no one elected to the House of Commons has the power to change. What we refer to as British government is increasingly no such thing. It involves the passing of laws written by people whom no one in Britain elected, no one can name and no one can remove.

Ipsos MORI poll also puts Leave ahead in Britain

More great news from the UK:
The campaign to quit the European Union has surged into a six-point lead with exactly a week to go, a sensational Ipsos MORI poll reveals today.
In a dramatic turnaround since May, some 53 per cent now want to leave and 47 per cent want to stay, excluding don’t knows.
It is the first time since David Cameron pledged the referendum in January 2013 that Vote Leave have come out ahead in the respected monthly Ipsos MORI telephone survey, which is exclusive to the Evening Standard.


Some music to celebrate:

German foreign minister says a Brexit will "shake the European Union"

German foreign minister Steinmeier thinks that a Brexit could lead to the disintegration of "a very successful, decades-long integration":

Germany's foreign minister says the European Union would be shaken by a British vote to leave and would have to ensure that it did not ultimately lead toward the bloc's disintegration.
Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that if Britain goes "things wouldn't just carry on as 28 minus one the following day".
He said: "It would shake the European Union (and) we would have to assure each other that the European Union continues to stick together - and that a very successful, decades-long integration process does not in the end turn to disintegration."

Well, let´s hope that a Brexit really leads to the disintegration of the present, highly unsuccessful and undemocratic monster that the European Union has become!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Warmists desperate: "In order for us to start acting on climate change then, maybe we need to tell a few lies"

First they renamed global warming "climate change". Now, when the majority of voters could not care less, a Huffington Post columnist thinks that replacing climate change with "massive worldwide death machine" or "crazy killer weather" will do the trick.
And if this does not scare people enough, the writer thinks that "maybe we need to tell a few lies":

In order to avoid catastrophic climate change it’s essential that we act now, but that small fact hasn’t stopped it slipping down and off the list of what’s important to the majority of voters.
The problem can’t be with the issue’s importance. The evidence is all there, and it’s terrifying. Climate change is without a doubt the single biggest threat the human race has faced since the last ice age.
Maybe the real issue is with the wording, because ‘climate change’ just doesn’t sound that bad.
Every night I go to sleep, and every morning I wake up and the climate has changed. It’s called the weather.
Now if a corporation is having trouble selling a product, do they give up? Maybe they do eventually, but they try almost everything before that and step one is to rebrand.
Which involves altering very little apart from a product’s appearance, and hoping that’s enough.
It’s why Kentucky Fried Chicken is now ‘KFC’, British Petroleum is ‘BP’ and Justin Timberlake left NSYNC and got a haircut. You need to check out some of the old photos - he looked like a sheep.
So instead of ‘climate change’ what about we call it ‘extreme disasters happening right now’, ‘massive worldwide death machine’ or ‘crazy killer weather’?
You might not care about stopping ‘climate change’, but I’m sure most of us want to stop ‘crazy killer weather’.
These new titles also have the added benefit of being exactly what will happen if we continue to do so little.
Another problem is that most of us only care about what’s happening day to day, and not at all about anything that hasn’t happened yet on a big enough scale to really effect us, no matter certain it seems.
In order for us to start acting on climate change then, maybe we need to tell a few lies.

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