Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Obama´s stupid scaremongering against Brexit backfires

The majority of UK mainstream media did their best in order to support B. Obama´s stupid scaremongering against Brexit, but all in vain:

Pollsters ICM found that 46 per cent of those quizzed want the UK to leave while 44 per cent want to stay. 
The result suggests that Barack Obama’s call for the UK to stay in the EU failed to shift support towards the Remain camp.
Interviews for the ICM internet tracker poll were carried out during the US President’s visit to Britain last week during which he claimed Britain would lose global influence by leaving the EU and fall to the back of the queue in negotiations for a US trade deal. 
Jennifer Bottomley, of ICM, said Mr Obama’s remarks may even have strengthened the resolve of Brexit supporters to vote in the referendum on June 23.


Donald Trump has said that he is for Brexit, and now also Ted Cruz shows who is a true friend of the UK:

“If Brexit takes place, Britain will be at the front of the line for a free trade deal with America, not at the back.”

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Obama and the European Union

The Daily Mail confirms that B. Obama is a joke. Who else could maintain that the European Union is one of the "greatest achievements of modern times"?! This man, who has virtually ignored Europe during his time as US President, now pretends that he loves this sinking Titanic!

Obama is driven by wind power - he goes where the wind blows ...

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Two failed American politicians urge the UK to stay in the EU - A good reason to support the leave campaign

"White House hopeful Hillary Clinton has waded into the Brexit debate, throwing her weight behind President Obama’s advice that Britain should remain within the European Union (EU)."

Two failed American politicians are urging Britain to remain in the EU. That is another huge reason for the British to vote leave!