Friday, 17 March 2017

Leo McKinstry: "The EU is stuck in permanent crisis"

Leo McKinstry´s description of the state of the European Union is spot on:

The EU is stuck in permanent crisis, wrecked by its federalist dogma, economic mismanagement and lack of democratic accountability.
The single currency has become an engine of crippling debts, mass unemployment and stalled growth, while the EU’s model of social protection is hopelessly uncompetitive and unsustainable.
The EU makes up just seven per cent of the world’s population yet incredibly accounts for more than 50 per cent of the world’s welfare spending.
Similarly the EU’s obsession with open borders has only succeeded in fanning the flames of division and extremism, the opposite of its goal of unity. In fact the very existence of European civilisation is now under threat thanks to Brussels’ determination to import alien cultures on an industrial scale.
It is the EU, not Britain, that is heading for catastrophe. We have nothing to be frightened of alone, even without a deal, whereas the EU’s own survival is at risk.

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