Friday, 13 May 2016

Frederick Forsyth about Angela Merkel: "making one mistake after another"

Frederick Forsyth gives a brilliant description of what Germany´s Frau Merkel has been doing lately:

I mean, making one mistake after another. 
But that seems to be what Chancellor Merkel has been doing. 
First, she opens Germany’s doors to a million incoming refugees, hoping to score a moral triumph. 
It works for a week or so. 
Then when the full reality dawns, her people turn against her. 
The dislocation to their orderly lives starts a torrent of protest. 
Then she rams through a deal that puts the tyrannical Turkish President Erdogan very much in the driving seat. 
He will confine in camps inside Turkey a few thousand of the human tide sweeping to Europe. 
In exchange 78 million Turks get visa-free access to Europe, plus three billion pounds for starters. 
Now a leak reveals a German plan to create a true EU military union of army, navy, air force and command headquarters but separate from Nato with which we have happily and efficiently co-operated for years. 
Add that to one police authority, one intelligence structure, one law code (corpus juris) and one judiciary. 
It is called a superstate – what David Cameron and his pro-Brussels sycophants said was never going to happen. 
On June 23 can we please have our country back?

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