Friday, 26 November 2010

Good climate news: "Global Warming Skeptics Ascend in Congress"

The new US Congress will be a blessing for the growing number of people, who are critical to the alarmism of the IPCC and the AGW lobby. All this bodes well for the Cancun meeting; it now - fortunately - looks highly unlikely that the gathering will be able to achieve very much (damage). For reasons of prestige  and face saving something will certainly be agreed, but it will most likely - and fortunately - only be window dressing.

Seriously speaking: Both the self chosen AGW cheerleader EU´s member countries and the US government are up to their ears in debt due to e.g. costly bailouts. Why on earth should they have to transfer billions of tax payers money into the pockets of all kinds of dubious regimes around the world in order to "fight" an imaginary global warming problem?

The end of the global warming folly is now close. That also means the collapse of the EU´s most important global flagship project. Maybe it is only fitting that the EU at this point is led by a "president" from the world´s only "chocolate superpower".

Global Warming Skeptics Ascend in Congress

Cap-and-trade may be just the first casualty of the science-doubters in the House and Senate

"I am vindicated," says Republican Senator James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, who was ridiculed by environmentalists in 2003 when he declared that man-made global warming was the "greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people."
He has reason to crow: His party's sweep of the midterm elections will bring into office almost four dozen new lawmakers (11 senators and at least 36 House members) who share his skepticism about climate change, according to ThinkProgress, an arm of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a Washington research group allied with Democrats. They join a smaller group of Republican incumbents, some of whom will assume powerful committee positions in January, who also reject that global warming is an immediate threat.

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