Saturday, 22 January 2011

Corruption in Greece: The "4-4-2 system"

Forbes magazine recently published an article about widespread corruption within some EU countries. The Greek "4-4-2 system" is just one telling example:

A senior Greek government official once said that the problem with the country is its "4-4-2 system:" an individual or company that owes 10,000 euros in taxes, pays 4,000 to the inspector, keeps 4,000, and pays 2,000 to the state. It is no surprise that in Greece during 2009 only 2,000 citizens declared incomes more than 250,000 euros, and only 15,000 more than 100,000 euros. This coming from a population of 11 million!.

The "4-4-2" system shows that the present-day Greeks have not forgotten their revered ancient forebears, who were famous for introducing a clear system of rules that made their society function efficiently.

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