Saturday, 12 February 2011

"Fears of a Muslim Brotherhood Takeover are Overblown"

Ali Alyami, writing in the Weekly Standard, explains why Western fears of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover are overblown:

The millions of Arabs who took to the streets and risked their lives to bring an end to centuries of oppression are not likely to accept theocratic dictatorships after ridding themselves of tyrannical ruling dynasties. Most of the rebelling generation grew up in the age of transformative modern technologies and knowledge of their human rights. They spend more time debating worldly issues over social media than reading the Koran or going to mosques. Their perceptions of themselves and the world they want to be part of supersede nationalism, tradition, and religious indoctrination. This reality is overlooked in the current avalanche of analysis and predictions.
Instead of concentrating on fear of Islamists, the West ought to focus on the unprecedented shift in attitude among Arabs in addressing their multitude of grievances. For the first time, the Arab people have publicly recognized that their misfortunes are not the fault of outsiders— the West, Israel, colonialism—but the result of the hierarchical and totalitarian Arab methods of governing in which the individual is subservient to the state and to the whims of absolute rulers.

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I think Alyami is right. The influence of the Muslim Brotherhood will most probably not be as great as is feared in some Western and Israeli circles. Now it is important to support all the positive new forces in Egypt who brought about the downfall of the hated dictator.

Fouad Ajami´s article in the Wall Street Journal is also recommended reading:

The Egyptians will be tested again as to their fidelity to democratic ways. But if this standoff that ended in the demise of the dictator is any guide, the Egyptians may give us a consoling tale of an Islamic people who rose to proclaim their fidelity to liberty, and who provided us with a reminder that tyranny is not fated for the Arabs.   

Entire article here.

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