Sunday, 27 February 2011

UN Security Council agrees sanctions on Gaddafi regime

Finally, the UN Security Council was able to agree on sanctions against the criminal Gaddafi regime. After the Security Council resolution was announced, Libya´s UN ambassador Abdurrahman Shalgam (who has deserted Gaddafi) was optimistic, hoping that the sanctions would "help put an end to this fascist regime, which is still in existence in Tripoli."

Although the UN decision was welcomed by most, it is worth noting that the sanctions do not e.g. include imposing a no-fly zone, something which has been discussed by US and its allies. It is quite possible that the now agreed sanctions are not tough enough in order to really hurt the Gaddafi regime. Turkey´s Prime Minister Erdogan for example warned on Saturday that sanctions would do more harm to Libya´s people than to Gaddafi. He may very well be right.

(image by UN)

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