Thursday, 10 March 2011

Biden in Moscow: "Maybe sometimes we do expect too much progress too quickly,"

(image by the White House)

Joe Biden has been on a "reset" mission to Moscow. Gone is the tough talk about Russian aggression in Georgia, its "withering" economy and its struggle to come to terms with its loss of international status:

Washington's high expectations for Russia, compared with China or India, are not a result of lingering Cold War sentiments, Biden said, Bloomberg reported. "Maybe sometimes we do expect too much progress too quickly," he said. "But the expectation is born out of admiration and respect, not out of disrespect."

Biden also expressed support for Medvedev´s  modernization mission:

"We fully support Medvedev's vision of a nation powered by innovation and modernization".

Biden certainly must know that Medvedev´s "mission", the Skolkovo "Silicon Valley" project, is a joke.

The obvious reason for Biden´s new soft approach is this:

In a further sign of cooperation, the Kremlin announced on Wednesday that Medvedev had approved an agreement to let U.S. weapons and troops bound for Afghanistan fly over Russia, Bloomberg reported.

With Biden and First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov watching, Boeing signed a contract with Aeroflot to deliver eight 777 airliners: six Boeing 777 300ERs and two Boeing 777-200ERs.

Read the entire Moscow Times article here.

One political and one business deal seem te be enough for the international statesman Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. to make him forget the values that made his own country great.

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