Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Libya: "Where are the Americans?"

The Londons School of Economics´ "progressive" PhD who made a donation of £1.5 to university.

Gaddafi´s "progressive, reformist" son Saif is now openly taunting the West for its failure to impose a no-fly zone over Libya:

Asked about continuing British and French attempts to persuade the United Nations Security Council to impose a no-fly zone, he answered: "Military operations are over. Within 48 hours everything will be finished. Our forces are almost in Benghazi. Whatever the decision, it will be too late."
Britain has tabled a resolution at the UN Security Council along with France and Lebanon. But it is almost certain that the Council will not be able to pass any meaningful resolution. British foreign minister William Hague also has said that Britain could support military action - including a no-fly zone - even without a Security Council resolution.

But with the Obama administration dithering, military action looks very unlikely. The White House is said to explore "other options", such as using sequestered Libyan money to fund the opposition.

No wonder then, that a senior Tory had this to say, according to The Telegraph:

But Bernard Jenkin, a senior Tory MP, said: "Where are the Americans? We are now in a new, entirely new situation. We have premised our defence and foreign policy for the last 60 years on the principle that if there is an international crisis involving our national interest the Americans would see that as involving their national interests.
"That is not the case under President Obama. He has been dithering and vacillating, his administration is divided and there is considerable concern on the other side of the Atlantic about what the United States should be doing."

Read the entire article here.

It is difficult to know what excactly president Obama is thinking, but it certainly appears that he prefers the German line of opposing a no-fly zone. In this case Obama´s  "Ich bin ein Berliner" policy is a sad and tragic mistake that the brave people of Libya, who dared to oppose the mad dictator, will not soon forget.

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