Friday, 29 April 2011

Brainwashed indigenous people blame their problems on global warming

This video is another example of how the European Union climate alarmists use poor indigenous people to spread climate change propaganda. The method is rather simple and cynical: Find some representatives of indigenous people, who - quite rightly - have experienced all kinds of problems with regard to their traditional lifestyle. Then - most likely in the form of a project grant from the EU - tell them that all their problems are caused by human induced climate change/global warming. The last step is to write a script in which the poor people recite what they have been tought. After the "statements" have been recorded, the result is most likely something like this:

This is the offical caption to the propaganda video:

"Climate change is the ever growing reality faced by the inhabitants of the Arctic regions. They must adapt to the changing landscapes, increasing temperatures, disappearing species, new hunting techniques. In this video, several leaders of indigenous peoples' organizations, represented in the Arctic Council, share their thoughts and concerns about the changes in their lifestyles brought on by the changing climate."

At the same "project meetings" the EU bureaucrats most likely also teach the indigenous participants how to apply for EU climate change aid, which is generously on offer. No wonder that these people are easily converted to the climate change religion!

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by your title, "The New Nostradamus..." I'm sure that doesn't imply you habitually miss the mark widely, in the style of the original Nostradamus.

Seriously, though, these alarmists have the cashola, and they also know how to shake the government money tree on behalf of climate change "victims." I think it's human nature that most people take the path of least resistance, i.e., grabbing the money instead of redoubling their efforts during the natural variations they call lean years. Thanks for the very good write-up!