Thursday, 14 April 2011

Persecution of Christians increasing in China and many other countries

Pastor Wang Zhanhu was hit by a police baton and went into a coma. (Photo by Wang family, published by ChinaAid)

The persecution of Christians continues in China. ChinaAid reports about the latest cases:
Two house church leaders in Huaxian, Shaanxi Province and Fanxian, Henan Province were harassed by police. When the former attempted to prevent the police from disturbing an assembly,  the police hit him with an electric baton and the brother went into a coma on the spot. He is currently still under treatment in the hospital. And police blocked up the haentrance to the latter’s home with bricks again, so he and his family could not enter or exit their home.

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ChinaAid has recently published a report which makes it clear that China´s communist government, despite its promises to improve its human rights record, allows the persecution of Christians to escalate:

For the fifth straight year, the government’s persecution of the Church in China has continued to escalate, according to an annual report by ChinaAid Association, one of VOM’s partners. The March 31 report was based on 90 known cases of persecution against Christians in China throughout 2010. As ChinaAid President Bob Fu noted, the Chinese government’s stranglehold on information makes it impossible for all of the instances of Christian persecution to be documented and taken into consideration. This report is helpful, however, in revealing the widespread extent of opposition facing believers, as the incidences came from throughout China and involved people from all levels of society. It also highlighted three new alarming trends: the full-scale suppression of Christian human rights lawyers groups; use of abuse, torture and mafia tactics; and a severe crackdown on official Three-Self Patriotic Movement churches that do not accept government control. “China still has a long way to go toward true religious freedom and rule of law,” said Fu.

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You can download the entire report here

Christians are also persecuted in the neighbouring India:

Reports of violence against believers, village churches being destroyed and church leaders being threatened by local Hindus continue to be a daily reality in India. Other persecution faced by Christians is more subtle, as converts to Christianity are often cast out of their families, denied inheritance rights and face poverty and ostracism.

Read the entire India country report

As a matter of fact, Christians are persecuted in a great number of countries - particularly in many muslim countries -  but this is often ignored by mainstream media in Western countries. This CBN report explains why:

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