Friday, 13 May 2011

Germany´s Die Welt on the EU: Sometimes a step backwards can also be a step forward."

The debate about the future of the European Union is getting more interesting day by day. Germany´s conservative Die Welt newspaper offers a refreshing view:

"For years the European idea has been on political and moral overload without regard for people's yearning for a nation-state. While years ago it was common to accuse EU critics of being dim-witted, if not right-wing radicals, today this is hardly possible. This isn't just because large majorities of European voters are tired of the excessive demands (Marine Le Pen's popularity in France proves this), but also because the economic, finance and Schengen crises have destroyed one illusion after another."
"Simply put, neither open borders nor a common currency have led the countries to grow closer with one another. It's just the opposite. They insist on clinging to their national characteristics."
"What will be the result? The European idea is too valuable to allow its destruction. But that means creating a Europe in which Europeans want to live. Sometimes a step backwards can also be a step forward."

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The step backwards could lead e.g. to an EU "light"

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