Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Poland must not let the EU destroy its shale gas future

US President Barack Obana will discuss the importance of Poland's shale gas deposits for Europe's energy security during his two-day visit to Poland, starting on May 27. One must hope that Poland uses the meeting with Obama to strongly point out to that it will not accept any moves by the European Union to try to prevent it from investing in shale gas. Polish media have recently reported that there are strong forces within the EU - particularly in France and Germany - which would like to impose a Europe wide moratorium on shale gas exploration:

French deputies' Wednesday decision to ban hydraulic fracturing, a key method used in shale gas extraction, has raised fears that the European Union may create regulations that will put an end on Poland's shale gas dreams.
Maciej Kaliski, head of the department of oil and gas in the Ministry of Economy told Dziennik Gazeta Prawna that Poland will not have many allies, as there are influential groups in Brussels which want to restrict the development of shale gas in Europe.
According to geologist Jan Krason, a strong nuclear lobby and Russian gas supplier Gazprom stand behind the French ban, DGP reports.
"Some 80 percent of energy in France comes from nuclear sources. Shale gas poses competition for their energy sector," he told the newspaper.
Meanwhile, Poland wants shale gas extraction to be a common European project and intends to promote this source of energy during its presidency of the EU. The issue is also to be discussed during president Barack Obama's visit to Poland on May 27.

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