Monday, 25 July 2011

Global warming alarmist Richard Branson´s selective "activism"

 "Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s private paradise, is
situated in the British Virgin Islands, a stunning and unspoilt
area of the Caribbean. At 74 acres, the island sits in
turquoise waters surrounded by coral reefs and fringed with
beautiful white sandy beaches."

The British billionaire and global warming "activist" Richard Branson, known among other things for his co-operation with Al Gore, describes why his exclusive private Caribbean island is such a wonderful place:

I know I shouldn’t, but I still like to party on Friday nights. I live half the year on Necker, a tiny island in the Caribbean and it’s always full of people in party mode. Everyone comes up to the big house and we’ll be dancing until the early hours to the island’s band, the Front Line.--
You always see the best side of people on Necker. I suppose that being surrounded by such beauty inspires people. We’ve had Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Tutu, President Carter, Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson staying on the island to brainstorm about ways to tackle conflict and global warming, with cormorants flying past on one side and flamingos on the other. Quite a few non-profit organisations have been conceived there such as The Elders and the Carbon War Room.

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It is not difficult to understand why people like Kofi Annan, Mary Robinson and Jimmy Carter (probably also Al Gore) have wined an dined on Necker island as honoured guests of the British business tycoon. "Tackling climate change" in that environment must be a rather pleasant experience - if you do not worry about the huge carbon footprint getting there creates. And, of course, over the years, it has become a tradition that politicians and other celebrities accept exotic vacations paid for by oligarchs and business tycoons. Harrison Ford and Peter Gabriel are among  another "activists", who are known to have vacationed on Branson´s paradise island.

But what about Richard Branson´s own climate change "activism"?

It is interesting to note that Sir Richard, owner of Virgin Atlantic airlines, opposes the UK Air Passenger Duty, which is supposed to cut carbon dioxide emission, and the also is against the carbon dioxide cap and trade system for airlines in the European Union. Thus, when it comes to his own business interests,  this "activist" does not anymore seem to be "in the forefront of a growing number of businessmen campaigning to stop it (global warming) running out of control."

Richard Branson may be rich and succesful, but he is also a hypocrite - quite like Al Gore.


It is, of course, possible also for us "ordinary people" to share the same experience as Kofi, Jimmy and Mary. But it ain´t cheap. Here is the latest price information, in case you are seriousle interested:

From US $56,000 per night for up to 28 guests
($2,000 per person per night)

Necker Island web page

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