Sunday, 9 October 2011

Climate change a dead issue among Swedish vacationers

"During your vacation you want to have fresh towels every morning"

Sweden - along with Denmark - is traditionally considered to be one of the international leaders with regard to "fighting" global warming and climate change. But "times they are a changing", also in Sweden, at least when it comes to travelling.

Martin Durnik, head of marketing for Sweden´s biggest privately owned travel agency, Ticket, says that climate change is a completely dead issue among Swedish vacationers:

"The environment is not something you consider when choosing a travel destination. The customers ask neither about the environmental work of hotels and flight emissions, nor about climate compensation possibilities. Quite simply you leave your environmental interest at home. During your vacation you want to have fresh towels every morning".

During recent years the "climate issue" has figured prominently in the annual opinon poll about the travel habits of the Swedes. This year climate change questions were not even included, because there is nothing to say about the completely dead issue, according to Durnik.

Read the entire article (in Swedish) here


Hopefully Paul Brown, President of Global Brands & Commercial Services, Hilton Worldwide (if he still has the job) and his colleagues take notice of these new findings (which probably are shared by travellers in other countries) before they again decide to switch off hotel lights and other equipment during "Earth Hour".

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