Sunday, 23 October 2011

Merkel and Sarkozy - two failed leaders

"If the euro fails, then Europe fails". That´s the line German chancellor Angela Merkel has been using repeatedly recently.  

France´s president Nicholas Sarkozy has offered the same kind of language: "Mrs. Merkel and I will never, never allow the euro to fail. Never will we allow the euro to be destroyed." "The euro is Europe".

Top Eurocrats Barroso and van Rompuy have also spoken in the same way.

It should be said clear and loud: Merkel´s, Sarkozy´s and the others´ arrogant misuse of the word Europe should be strongly condemned. The reality is that these politicians are trying to cover up their failed policies by laying out a euro/Europe smokescreen in order to deceive their voters. Nothing gives them the right to claim that the failed euro project is Europe!

The truth is, that the European Union has failed in most of its recent flagship projects; the euro, the useless and wasteful climate change policy and the expensive and useless External Action Service, not to speak of many minor "directives", which never should have been adopted.

There are many similarities between the climate change/global warming movement and the current European Union. The "leaders" of both are trying to monopolise the "truth". But both Merkel, Sarkozy and their hired hands in Brussels certainly must realise that their game will soon be over. But obviously they are not willing to admit it, until the voters throw them out.

One must hope that the the future leaders of the EU countries will be wiser and more honest than the present ones.


A K Haart said...

"One must hope that the the future leaders of the EU countries will be wiser and more honest than the present ones."

I have a suspicion that the world is becoming too complex for the wise and the honest. Too often they have to admit they don't know the answer.

Ideas without boundaries said...

The Euro was a failed experiment in European unity that never materialized. Each nation cooked their books with the help of Goldman Sachs to look viable. The econimc truth was buried now we all have to pay the price. Which is fine becuase the dollar will climb in value and the euro will become devalued for Americans to once again travel to Europe. We as Americans will save Europe yet again.