Thursday, 6 October 2011

New paper published in Sciene: Plants adapt to climate change

Here is another hugely disappointing study for the climate alarmists:

A new paper, published in Science shows that plants seem to be rather succesfully adapting to a changing climate:

Plants may have the genetic flexibility to respond to climate change. In experiments with the common European plant Arabidopsis thaliana, a team of researchers led by Brown University scientists learned that climate is the agent that determines the suite of genes that gives the plant the best chance of surviving and reproducing throughout its natural range. The finding may unlock the molecular basis for other plants' adaptability to climate change

"We found that the genetic basis of survival and reproduction is almost entirely different in different regions, which suggests that evolutionary adaptation to one climate may not always result in a tradeoff of poor performance in another climate," said Schmitt, the Stephen T. Olney Professor of Natural History and professor of biology and environmental studies. "Thus, the Arabidopsis genome may contain evolutionary flexibility to respond to climate change."

Read the entire article here

Not a very suprising result, really. Humans, wild animals and plants have always adapted when the climate has changed. Anyway, the study should make good reading for the warmist community.

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