Thursday, 10 November 2011

Durban welcomes COP 17 warmists with "a ring of steel"

The soon (28 Nov.) to open Durban COP 17, the UN global warming cult´s annual mega carbon footprint meeting, is more and more beginning to look like a huge battlefield. The 15000 high priests of the cult (the delegates) will be isolated from the rest of the world by "a ring of steel", no-fly zones and thousands of security forces, some of which are trained by the French gendarmerie:

South Africa’s security forces plan to throw a ring of steel around Durban as the city gears itself to host thousands of foreign visitors including heads of states, royalty and celebrities for the imminent world conference on climate change.

SAPS staff leave has been restricted, the South African National Defence Force will be on stand-by and police officers from other provinces will be deployed to Durban to assist in the security operation – that will mirror the security plans implemented during last year’s World Cup, according to police management.

More than 20 000 people, most of them visitors from abroad, are expected in Durban for the 10-day 17th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP17) climate talks which begin on November 28 at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC).

The COP17 comprises 192 countries who meet once a year to discuss and find solutions to the harmful effects of global climate change.

About 15 000 delegates have registered to attend the climate talks.
National police spokesman, Colonel Vishnu Naidoo, said several specialised units such as the police’s elite Task Force would be deployed to Durban to assist with security measures but most of the officers will come from KwaZulu-Natal.

He said the officers from the Public Order Policing Units who had been trained by the French gendarmerie for the world cup have undergone refresher training courses in anticipation of protests that may turn violent during the event.

“Our primary focus will be to maintain high visibility and this will consist of members in uniform, on foot patrol, horseback, bicycles, motorbikes, vehicles and air assets that will be utilised for support,” Naidoo said.

Plans also include setting up “no-fly zones” over places such as the ICC or where heads of state may be meeting.

Naidoo said: “As part of the security plan, during certain periods some areas will be declared no-fly zones. Areas that are declared no-fly zones are generally communicated within reasonable time. I am not in a position to say at this stage which areas are no-fly zones.”

Police have been working for months drawing up the security arrangements for the event and have been liaising closely with local and international intelligence agencies including the US’s CIA and Britain’s MI6 to protect visitors to the summit, Naidoo confirmed.

A tight security cordon will also be thrown around the ICC and several road blocks around the venue have been planned.

The ICC will also be given “island status”.

This means the UN will take control of the venue and access to the precinct will be limited to accredited people only.

Naidoo said police had met regularly with the UN when the security plans were being drawn up.

“As part of our plans, no police officers in uniform will be working inside the ICC… The UN will work closely with National Joint Operations in order to ensure the implementation of the required security measures,” he said.

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There is no information, whether the glorious Durban beach will be within the "ring of steel". If not, the climate tourists delegates will certainly be hugely disappointed.
One wonders, whether anybody will count the entire carbon footprint of this wholly unnecessary and wasteful gathering. In addition, there will be the "footprints" from thousands of (mainly first and business class) flights (paid for by the taxpayers) from all over the world.

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Makes you wonder who is being defended against what, and why.