Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Animal armageddon: "they compete, they parasitize each other and they eat each other"

Global warming scaremonglers are becoming more and more desperate. The latest scare comes from University of Connecticut warmists who have invented some "really sophisticated" models for predicting the coming of animal armageddon:

“We have really sophisticated meteorological models for predicting climate change,” said University of Connecticut ecologist Mark Urban, who led the study. “But in real life, animals move around, they compete, they parasitize each other and they eat each other. The majority of our predictions don’t include these important interactions.”
The study finds that animals unable to regulate their own temperature are likely move to different climates, possibly increasing the number invasive species. The team discovered that animals are traveling an average of eleven miles per decade towards our planets poles, likely in an effort to escape increasingly warm temperatures. Among the more extreme examples included one butterfly species that has already moved over 130 miles north in just two decades.
Not all species can disperse fast enough to get to these more suitable places before they die off, Mr. Urban said. And if they do make it to these better habitats, they may be outcompeted by the species that are already there – or the ones that got there first, said the study’s authors.

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How tragic all this is, when we know that animals lived in peaceful harmony with each other before man-made global warming made them cruel cannibals!

Great stuff for a new Hollywood horror blockbuster!


A K Haart said...

Hmm - models again. I wonder if these people ever leave their computer screens.

John said...

You should probably mark remarks like the bit about "animals living in peaceful harmony" with a /sarc marker. There really are people around who would believe. I know a vegan couple who are trying to convert their dog to veganism. I've considered reporting them for animal abuse.