Friday, 20 January 2012

Energy+ Partnership - Norway´s new international image campaign

Norway has according to a foreign ministry spokesman pledged to spend $300 million a year "to devise ways to help some of the world's poorest people get better access to energy and to develop a new market-based system to limit emissions from global energy production".

Other countries in the Energy+ Partnership, as the programme to be launched by Norway by June is called, are said to be UK, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands and South Korea. The countries on the receiving side will be Bhutan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Maldives, Morocco, Nepal, Senegal and Tanzania, and later perhaps also India and South Africa.

Reuters adds:
The cash will depend on how well the recipient countries can prove they are increasing public access to energy while cutting greenhouse gas emissions compared to unchecked levels, according to a policy document seen by Point Carbon News.

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One should not be deceived by this PR stunt, designed to make oil rich Norway look like a serious benefactor of poor countries while at the same time pretending to work for "cutting greenhouse gas emisssions".

$300 million a year is a drop in the ocean when one looks at the enormous oil incomes that Norway reaps from its off-shore fossile fuel industry. If Norway´s socialist government really believed in IPCC´s global warming scenarios, it would immediately close down all the oil and gas production facilities that contribute to future catastrophic global warming. But they are of course not prepared to do anything that would seriously endanger their own source of riches. Instead they just want to shine as a "resonsible" model pupil in the worldwide UN school of global warming hypocracy.

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