Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A message to Gazprom and the greenies from Venezuela

Here is some news from Venezuela that should add to Gazprom´s and the European and American renewable energy propagandists´ worries:

Shale gas - natural gas extracted from shale rock - may well be several times more abundant than the proven reserves of conventional natural gas on the planet, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Moreover there are large volumes of natural gas in sandstones, and other non-conventional sources.

But the real news from EIA studies is that shale gas is abundant in territories previously regarded as poor in fossil fuels or dependent on imports: China, the United States and Argentina head the list, but large reserves are also found in South Africa, Australia, Poland, France, Chile, Sweden, Paraguay, Pakistan and India.

"The global energy chessboard is changing, and markets will be realigned. Countries that have never had so much available energy will become self-sufficient, and perhaps even exporters," Luis Alberto Terrero, head of the Venezuelan Gas Processors Association (AVPG), told IPS.

As gas supplies grow, "fossil fuels may become cheaper, the growth of alternative energies will slow down, and new alliances, investments and trade networks will be established," Terrero said.

Read the entire article here

What Terrero says is true, no matter how much Putin and the greenies try to wish away the shale gas revolution. The time for wind and solar power may yet come, but there is plenty of time to develop these and other forms of renewables to make them truly useful and profitable, without subsidies.

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