Thursday, 2 February 2012

The deadly deep freeze in Eastern Europe continues

The deadly deep freeze in Eastern Europe continues:

RESCUE helicopters have evacuated dozens of people from snow-blocked villages in Serbia and Bosnia as the death toll from a severe cold spell in Eastern Europe climbed to 83.

Temperatures fell to -32C in some areas, parts of the Black Sea froze near the Romanian coastline and rare snow fell on Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea.
In Bulgaria, 16 towns recorded their lowest temperatures since records began 100 years ago as four more people were reported dead from hypothermia.
In central Serbia, choppers pulled out 12 people, including nine who went to a funeral but then could not get back over icy, snow-choked roads.
Two more people froze to death in the snow and two others are missing, bringing that nation's death toll to five.
''The situation is dramatic, the snow is up to five metres high in some areas, you can only see rooftops,'' said Dr Milorad Dramacanin, who participated in the helicopter evacuations.
Two helicopters were also used to rescue people and supply remote villages in northern Bosnia.
Some villages have had no electricity for days and crews were working around the clock trying to fix power lines.
Ukraine alone reported 43 deaths, mostly homeless people.

The extremely cold weather also continues in Finland, with the coldest day of the year in northern Finland:

Yet another cold record for this winter was set in Kiutaköngäs near Kuusamo, where the temperature plunged to -38.7 degrees Celsius on Wednesday morning.

And this is only the beginning. For the weekend temperatures over - 40 degrees are forecasted in northern Finland!
It cannot take long before we hear the first reports by AGW warmists that this coldspell is all happening because of global warming.

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