Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The end of a failed presidency: "The Island President" resigns

"The Island President" - Another total failure

No more underwater cabinet meetings in the Maldives. The darling of the international AGW cultists, Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed, resigned today following weeks of sometimes violent public protests over his controversial order to arrest a senior judge:

It marked a stunning crash for Nasheed, a former human rights campaigner who defeated the nation's longtime ruler in the country's first multiparty election. Nasheed was also an environmental celebrity, traveling the world to persuade government's to combat the climate change that could send sea levels rising and inundate his archipelago nation.

Nasheed fell out of public favor after he ordered the military to arrest Abdulla Mohamed, the chief judge of the Criminal Court.

The arrest came after the judge ordered the release of a government critic, calling his arrest illegal.

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Maybe Nasheed now will have more time to enjoy his membership in the Legacy club for very affluent Asians?

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