Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Unelected EU Commission President Barroso´s imperial dreams

European Commission President José Barroso, who has been on a begging mission to China, has not forgotten to tell his hosts about his dreams of an imperial Europe:

"It is true that in many of our member states there have been student protests and strikes. This is normal in our open societies where people have a right to protest," he said.
He added that the crisis has prompted a new wave of integration, however, such as the fiscal treaty agreed last month by 25 EU countries.
"I want to make this very clear to Chinese public opinion. Because I understand when you see the news you may be putting some questions. Is the European Union really going to progress? I say: 'Yes. No doubt about it' ... Precisely because of the problems in the euro area the conclusion has been to further integrate and to complete the monetary union with a fiscal union and, I believe, in the future toward a political union."

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What an insult to the struggling people of Greece - and demonstrators in other countries - who are fed up with the humiliating Brussels dictatorship, to talk about the massive demonstrations only as "student protests"! Who the hell does this unelected former maoist think he is, the crowned emperor of Europe? No Mr. Barroso, the only thing you will ever wear on your bald head is the old cheap toupé, not the imperial crown you are dreaming of!

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