Thursday, 31 May 2012

Al Gore - Once again proven wrong

Al Gore - Once again proven wrong


"Solar and wind energy projects like DESERTEC show that we have the technologies. We just have to start acting!" "This is not pie in the sky – this can be done. We [the USA] need to do it for our own economy."

Al Gore (May 2010)

Reality check:

"There was no surprise when German engineering group Siemens, one of the key promoters of the Desertec solar initiative in North Africa, admitted that the plan is “not yet competitive”. Pressed to say when this ambitious scheme might see the light of day, Berndt Utz, the project’s head, could only promise “certainly by the end of the century”.
As a result, many delegates seemed sceptical that intercontinental electricity distribution, such as that from Africa to Europe planned for Desertec, will see the light of day."
Fortunately Al Gore is not more in a position to make any important policy decisions. Otherwise the US would be in even bigger economic trouble. 

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