Thursday, 24 May 2012

The end of the UN global warming travelling circus is one step closer

The end of the UN led global warming travelling circus is - fortunately - one step closer. Leaders and governments of the rich industrialized countries have clearly put the global warming hoax on the back burner - there are other, much more urgent - and real - problems to take care of. 

The fact that the hundreds of climate bureaucrats - especially those representing countries, which have been expecting a climate change bonanza  -  meeting in Bonn, are becoming more and more frustrated, should be viewed as an encouraging development:

Hopes are fading that climate talks in Qatar late this year will make even modest progress towards getting a new globally binding climate deal signed by 2015, as preliminary negotiations in Germany this week have left much work to be done.

The fear is that if work plans and agendas are not set by the end of this year at the latest it could have a knock-on effect, holding up the entire effort to avert potentially devastating global warming.

United Nations climate talks in South Africa last year agreed a package of measures that would extend the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, a global pact enforcing carbon cuts, and decide a new, legally binding accord by 2015, coming into force by 2020.

In the first negotiating session since that agreement, delegates from over 180 countries were nearing the end of two-week long session in Bonn, but progress has been hampered by procedural wrangling.

Additional sessions later on look unlikely, due to a lack of funding, so a range of unresolved issues will be left until the two-week summit in Doha, Qatar, at the end of November.

Delegates and observers fear there will be too much work to do to make proper progress on the new global deal and ensure deeper emissions cuts are made both up to 2020 and beyond.

"(We know that) trade talks collapsed in Doha. Are we setting the stage for the collapse of climate negotiations?" said Mithika Mwenda, co-ordinator for campaign group the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance.

"This is like the Titanic, where both developing countries and industrialized countries will sink."
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Mr. Mwenda´s Titanic comparison is as a matter of fact not bad at all. However, he does not seem to realize that the only thing that is finally sinking is the bogus UN led climate change process, a development which should be welcomed by all sane people. 

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