Sunday, 24 June 2012

"Cars For Climate Justice"?

Scientific American reports that "Poor communities, such as East Boston, are on the front lines of the environmental disruptions expected as a result of global warming":

Kim Foltz works on building and environmental issues for the organization and is a nine-year resident of East Boston. The stakes, she said, are different for those without money.
"We have lots of undocumented immigrants, who have a lot of social vulnerability to something like devastating flooding in East Boston.

"If you are working two jobs, and all of a sudden your transportation is cut off and you can't get to your job for a couple of days, it might be the end of your job. If you are an immigrant, your only option might be to go back home," she said.
"Poverty really makes a difference in one's ability to survive these events," said Jerold Kayden, a professor of urban planning and design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. "It impacts the ability of people to adapt individually through purchasing an air-conditioner, locating an air-conditioned space, having a car to transport them away, or having connections to others who can help them get over a disaster."

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There is of course an excellent way for the "climate justice" movement to redress these problems: To help people to buy ordinary cheap cars (no expensive hybrids - they are only for rich and middle class liberals) and air-conditioners! Maybe Al Gore, the Sierra Club or Greenpeace could start a "Cars for Climate Justice" campaign?

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