Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The German team at Euro2012 concentrates on fighting global warming

The leader´s of the German team at the soon to begin Euro2012 soccer championship tournament must be rather convinced about the excellence of their players. Otherwise it is difficult to understand why they have chosen to use a lot of their time and efforts to, of all things, fighting climate change/global warming.

At today´s team press conference in Poland, the German soccer bosses proudly announced that "the protection of the climate and the environment is of central importance to the DFB" (the German football association). The journalists attending the press briefing were also told that the DFB Polish press center is run on "clean" electricity from wind turbines owned by the German energy company RWE in Poland.

The DFB bosses did not tell the media what will happen on the days when the wind does not blow. Maybe Schweinsteiger, Goméz, Lahm and the other German soccer stars will then have to buy some "dirty" Polish coal for a barbeque in the green?

A representative of the RWE energy company also took part in the press conference. He of course was enthusiastic about RWEs  "green values". In addition he offered the sport journalists free E-bikes to take home, in an attempt to get good press coverage for his green hype. 

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