Monday, 18 June 2012

Hypocrite Prince Charles warns governments about climate change

Prince Charles is obviously intent on destroying everything that his mother has done for the British monarhcy during her 60 years of service. Now this unelected royal hypocrite thinks that he is entitled to criticize democratic governments for lack of actions with regard to bogus human caused climate change:

In a video message for world leaders attending the Rio earth summit the Prince criticised the lack of urgency by governments in addressing growing global issues.
He said the failure of the global community to act against warming “despite countless such meetings” was made against the background of “increasingly dire warnings”.
“Like a sleepwalker, we seem unable to wake up to the fact that so many of the catastrophic consequences of carrying on with “business-as-usual” are bearing down on us faster than we think, already dragging many millions more people into poverty and dangerously weakening global food, water and energy security for the future,” he said.
In the video filmed at Clarence House he appealed to policy makers to act in a concerted effort “before it is finally too late”.
The entire news article and video here
Can anyone imagine the Queen making a statement like that? One wonders, are there no sane people among his staff, who dare to tell the Prince to shut up, before it is finally too late?

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