Friday, 6 July 2012

Cold British summer: Shoppers stocking up on warming and comfort foods

In Britain the cold and rainy summer has led to some unusual behavior

Yet another predictably wet and even cold summer time in the United Kingdom has led to a flurry of homeowners showing an unseasonal interest in home improvements

Many in the industry are surprised by the fact that households are turning to such methods in the month of June, but the frosty winds and relentless rain has given many little choice.

Food stores like Waitrose have also noticed some surprising consumer behavior

Total sales at Waitrose last week were 3.2pc higher than the same week last year, driven by shoppers stocking up on warming and comfort foods which are more reminiscent of the winter months.

Apples and cherries will be in short supply because of the cold and rainy summer : 

FRUIT farmers in the Tonbridge area this week warned that the "nightmarish" summer weather could reduce this year's apple crop by half.
And cherries are likely to be even worse hit, according to Golden Green farmer Mike Hibbs, who said a dry spring followed by weeks of cold, wind and rain had left him with nothing to harvest from five acres of orchards.
Describing the situation as a "nightmare", he said: "The weather has affected crops immensely. This is the worst season we've ever known."

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