Tuesday, 17 July 2012

German energy transition - myth and reality

German chancellor Angela Merkel has given a keynote speech at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, a gathering of warmists in Berlin. Deutsche Welle, the German government´s propaganda outlet, unintentionally reveals the amazing truth about Merkel´s quasi-religious, blind belief in global warming/climate change: 
"I emphatically believe in climate change," said Merkel, referring to scientific data that places the link between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming into doubt. She does not want to waste time with various interpretations of various studies, time which could be better spent on discussions of climate change. Data or no data, the important debate was about the use of the Earth's resources.
In another amazing statement, Merkel went on to praise her government´s energy transition policy: 

In her speech, Merkel placed special emphasis on the so-called green economy. "We must manage to decouple economic growth from increased resource use," she said, adding that the focus should be on qualitative growth, not quantitative growth.
In order to achieve this, she said innovative technologies and sustainable thinking are key. Merkel brought up the energy revolution in Germany as an example of such policy. "This is no easy task, but we managed to master the transition and other countries can learn from our experiences," she said.
The fact of the matter is that the only thing other countries can learn from Merkel´s energy transition policy is, how to avoid making the same huge mistakes. Der Spiegel recently revealed the truth about Merkel´s failed policy
There is no recognizable strategy, no grand design upon which to organize the transition into the age of renewable energy. The only thing clear is that installing more solar panels and wind turbines won't be enough. The other task -- and the more challenging and costly one -- is to adapt the rest of the energy system to new conditions.
The excessive subsidies have made solar power by far the most expensive source of green energy. It is now emerging that the other components of the energy turnaround are also being artificially propped up with government help to make them profitable: offshore wind power, the power grid, energy-storage systems and gas-fired power plants.

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A K Haart said...

"Merkel´s quasi-religious, blind belief in global warming/climate change:"

I used to think green politics was a kind of romantic bucolic delusion, but it does seem to have a distinct quasi-religious element too.

I can't imagine that people such as Merkel are unintelligent, yet they seem obsessed with their green fantasies. They really seem to believe and evidence simply doesn't count.