Friday, 10 August 2012

New poll: New Zealanders now less concerned about global warming than in 2008

Global warming scaremongering is not working in New Zealand either. The number of people who consider climate change an "urgent and immediate problem" is now considerably smaller than in 2008:

The proportion of New Zealanders who believe climate change is an urgent and immediate problem has fallen from more than three quarters to just over half in the last four years, according to a new survey.
The poll for the Carbon News website found that 52.4 percent of adult New Zealanders considered climate change to be either an urgent problem (21.4 percent) or a problem for now (31 percent).
14 percent said it was a problem for later, 19.5 percent said it wasn't a problem, and 14.1 per cent said they didn't know, according to a statement from Carbon News Friday.
A similar poll conducted in 2008 showed that 75.4 percent of New Zealanders considered it to be an urgent problem (26.1 percent) or a problem for now (49.3 percent), while 9.2 percent said it was a problem for later, 13 percent said it wasn't a problem, and 2.4 percent said they didn't know.
The statement from Carbon News, a specialist information service on the carbon markets, said the drop was in line with a recent survey by Yale University, which showed that over the same period, the number of respondents ranking climate change as a high or very high priority for the U.S. government had dropped from 54 percent to 40 percent.
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Huni-miaka said...

This poll was taken for the leading carbon traders by a survey company owned by the "Council for Sustainable Development".

One can believe the poll's finding that concern has dropped by about a third over the past 4 years. But the absolute numbers should be seriously discounted. Other (neutral) pollsters have found the drop to be from about 55% to just over 30%.

NNoN said...

Thank you for your clarifying comment, Huni-miaka!