Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Barroso´s unveils plan to manipulate Europeans to "broadly support" a Federal State

EU Commission president José Manuel Durão Barroso yesterday outlined his ideas of the European future for a number of EU Heads of Delegation. Not surprisingly, Barroso´s only recipe for solving the current crisis is ever more integration: banking union, fiscal union, economic union, political union ...

...our work is not complete ...

We have a monetary union, but the crisis has demonstrated
that there is a cumulative logic to the integration process: monetary
union cannot function without a banking union, and without further 
fiscal and economic union.
We should move forward in our project to consolidate a truly political union.

But there is a problem that even the former maoist Barroso appears to understand: 
The majority of citizens in the EU member countries do not want to have Barroso´s "empire" with all of those unions!

Of course there is a very important problem is that at the time when
we are required to take further steps in terms of integration it is
exactly the time when there is less support in the public opinion for
this integration. 

This is how Barroso plans to deal with the unwilling citizens´ problem: 

This is why we need also to act politically for the
member states and the European institutions to act together to keep
the population of Europe broadly supporting the European integration
which may be at a risk in the current circumstances when we see the
economic situation deteriorating and when we see the very high levels
of unemployment.

What Barroso means, is that the Commission and the "European institutions" are planning to manipulate the "population of Europe" to "broadly support" a federal European state by e.g. faking an interest in "more democracy and "more accountability". What Barroso and his likes want to avoid at all costs is that people would  be given a chance to have their say by e.g. voting in a referendum. The only way to fight these fake "democrats" is to vote for parties and politicians who dare to oppose the manipulations of the Brussels bureaucrats and their political supporters!

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