Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Shale gas exploration in the UK - The hypocrisy of enviro-fundamentalist NGOs

A letter by RSPB, Friends of the Earth and WWF to UK Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey urging "caution" with regard to British shale gas exploration is another proof of the enormous hypocrisy of the enviro-fundamenalist NGOs. These people are complaining about shale gas exploitation "at the expense of nature" and "unacceptable impacts on UK wildlife", while at the same time shutting their eyes to the killing of thousands of birds and bats by ineffective wind turbines, which destroy the beauty (and value) of large areas of the the British countryside: 
 "shale gas exploitation must not be at the expense of nature. This means that Government and the industry need to prove that shale gas can be delivered without unacceptable impacts on UK wildlife and water resources, and that the laws in place are fit for purpose. If the UK's shale gas resources were fully exploited, it would mean thousands of drilling sites across the country. Each site is estimated to be at least a hectare in size - equivalent to eight Olympic-sized swimming pools - and as this is a new industry, there is insufficient scientific evidence on the risks shale gas production will pose to the natural environment and how to minimise them."
In addition, the three alarmist NGOs are spreading lies about the impact of shale gas: 
"shale gas must not endanger the UK's ability to deliver on its climate change commitments. Evidence suggests that the overall climate impact of shale is greater than conventional gas and could be as high as that of coal, and that exploiting the world's resources of unconventional gas will do nothing to prevent dangerous levels of climate change." 
Read the entire article here
The RSPB, Friends of the Earth and WWF are so busy spreading their propaganda that they have not noticed - or rather chose to ignore - the fact that US carbon emissions have dropped back to 1990 levels, thanks to the shale gas revolution.

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