Monday, 22 October 2012

Greatest mass of sea ice ever in Antarctica leaves warmist "experts" almost speechless

The U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center last week confirmed that Antarctica is surrounded by the greatest mass of sea ice ever recorded there, 19.44 million square kilometres. And it is growing, although slowly. 
This of course goes against the official warmist teachings of a warmer world, with sea levels rising and ice melting. The newly confirmed facts have left these "experts" in almost a state of shock. Here you can read how two of them, Gordon McBean, director of research at the University of Western Ontario’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability and Jing Chen, professor with the department of geography at the University of Toronto desperately try to explain away the "inconvenient" truth: 

McBean says while the Antarctic is still cooler than the rest of the world, it is also warming up. “Just not as quickly,” he said.
The phenomenon in the Antarctic is not inconsistent with global warming, said McBean. “It was expected . . . it’s a complex situation.”

Meanwhile, Chen says the new data from the Antarctic is “very interesting” but warns against getting satisfied.
“We should not be too complacent about the recent ice increase,” he said. “If (global) warming keeps increasing, it pushes average temperatures above freezing points and the Antarctic area ice will decrease and the trend will quickly reverse.”
Growing sea ice in the Antarctic is good news “but (we) have to take it in the right perspective: it will not increase forever.”
Dr. McBean is right about one thing: " . . . it’s a complex situation.”  McBean, Chen and all the other alarmists would have been well advised to keep that in mind before they started to peddle their bogus global warming models to greater audiences.

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