Friday, 19 October 2012

The SchuBarRom trio will pick up the Nobel Peace Prize

The SchuBarRom trio with two soloists and a silent singer

The European Union has again showed its extraordinary ability to arrive at a common position on important issues: 

The EU has choreographed an elaborate solution to the conundrum of who should pick up its Nobel peace prize.
Under the plan, agreed in the margins of an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday (18 October), European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Council head Herman Van Rompuy will accept the gong and make speeches at the gala in Oslo in December.
European Parliament chief Martin Schulz will go with them but will not speak.
For Van Rompuy it must have been a major concession to allow Barroso to accompany him in Oslo - and vice versa. And for both of the unelected "presidents" it must haven been an ultimate concession to allow Martin Schulz to accompany them. However, they were at least able to keep the only democratically elected representative quiet - very much in keeping with best EU traditions. 
And isn't it nice that Haiku Herman has tweeted about how welcome the EU Heads of State and Governments are as applauding audience!
To mark this joyful occasion I hope all EU Heads of State or Government will be able to join celebrations in Oslo in December 

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