Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The European Environment Agency joins the other scaremongers ahead of the Doha climate jamboree

Just like before earlier UN climate conferences, there is once again a coordinated scaremongering effort by the climate alarmists ahead of the the Doha UN climate jamboree, due to start next week. Today it was the taxpayer funded  European Environment Agency's turn to publish its "report":

"Every indicator we have in terms of giving us an early warning of climate change and increasing vulnerability is giving us a very strong signal," observed EEA executive director Jacqueline McGlade.
"It is across the board, it is not just global temperatures," she told BBC News.
"It is in human health aspects, in forests, sea levels, agriculture, biodiversity - the signals are coming in from right across the environment." 

  • Observed climate change has "already led to a wide range of impacts on environmental systems and society; further climate change impacts are projected for the future";
  • Climate change can increase existing vulnerabilities and deepen socio-economic imbalances in Europe;
  • The combined impacts of projected climate change and socio-economic development is set to see the damage costs of extreme weather events continue to increase.
Professor McGlade probably did what she is expected to do in order to keep her well paid job. However, one of the scientists who wrote the report, was a little more honest in his description of what has happened:

One of the report's authors, Andre Jol, head of the EEA's vulnerability and adaptation group, added: "We know that the main increase in damage costs from natural disasters has not been from climate change, as such, but more as a result of an increase in wealth, people and infrastructure in risk areas.
"But one of the key messages from the report is that in the future, with projected increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme events, we know that climate change will contribute to the increase in the cost of damage from extreme events."

Read the entire article here
What Jol actually meant, was that that human related climate change/global warming has not contributed to the frequency and intensity of "extreme events". However, in order to safeguard his job, Jol did what warmists usually do when facts contradict their message: talk about all the terrible things to come in some distant future ... 

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