Monday, 5 November 2012

Time to uncork the champagne: Orders for offshore wind turbines have come to a halt in the UK

Time to uncork the champagne!: 

The Financial Times reports that orders for offshore wind turbines have come to an abrupt halt in the UK. This is seen as the first clear sign of a (most welcome) slowdown in renewable energy investment. 

The three leading manufacturers of the turbines due to be made for the vast banks of wind farms planned for British seas have taken just one offshore order between them this year, the FT has learned.

This comes amid an “unnecessary investment freeze” triggered by the government’s troubled efforts to change the way it subsidises low-carbon energy, according to Keith MacLean of the SSE power company, which is developing UK offshore farms.

The wind industry, which would not be able to show any profits without government subsidies, is  getting desperate. This week their lobbyist are going to tell aunt Connie in Brussels about the nasty uncles David and John in London, who are planning to reduce their source of (taxpayer funded) candy:

But uncertainties in green energy policy in the UK, which has more offshore wind power capacity than the rest of the world combined, are one reason leading turbine makers and wind farm developers will be meeting European Commission officials later this week, said a spokesman for the European Wind Energy Association.
If more stable policy is not “urgently forthcoming from governments then the renewable energy targets will be missed”, warned Justin Wilkes of the European Wind Energy Association.

Indeed, what a terrible fate is in store for the citizens of the UK, and other parts of the EUSSR if the "the renewable energy targets will be missed"!  Aunt Connie is going to be real angry!

Another reason to uncork the champagne!

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