Friday, 28 December 2012

The EU December "summit": The real success story

Angela Merkel's lack for "leadership" could be a blessing in disguise

German Der Spiegel has published a reconstruction of what happened behind the scenes at the latest EU "summit" in Brussels. There are are many juicy details in the report, but it is this conclusion of what happened at the summit that is of real importance: 

The December summit was historic, in the sense that it stifled Barroso's and Van Rompuy's attempt to build a political union. Both men returned home without having achieved their goals.

The Spiegel journalists complain that "Chancellor Merkel isn't leading, even though she ought to be." "Instead, she both accepts and is responsible for the fact that Europe currently has no vision."

But what the journalists deplore could in reality be the best thing that has happened to Europe in a long time; Europe does not need a political union, and it is a blessing that "no one fights for bold reforms". The only reforms that are really needed are the ones leading to transfer of Brussels powers back to the member countries and their citizens. 

A summit after which Messrs Barroso and Van Rompuy return home without ever coming back, would be the ultimate European success! In order for that to happen, Europe needs a new kind of strong German and northern European leadership. Frau Merkel's lack of "leadership" is a promising beginning .....


Among the "juicy" stuff in the Spiegel report, this piece of information is not without a certain interest:
Monday, Dec. 17. Berlin, the headquarters of Merkel's Christian Democratic Union party, a meeting of the CDU steering committee, 10 a.m.

Merkel reports on the summit in Brussels. She is under the impression, she says, that Hollande is trying to obstruct everything she proposes between now and the German parliamentary election. Hollande currently has more allies than she does, she says, which is why cooperation isn't quite working yet. But she's doing her best to gather more allies for Germany, she adds.

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