Friday, 22 February 2013

Hollywood "eco-luminaries" fighting global warming, sponsored by H & M

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Global Green, "an organization dedicated to fighting climate change", has organized its Annual Pre-Oscar Party at Avalon Hollywood
According to the paper "celebrities and eco-luminaries" arrived at the party in Chevy Volt electric vehicles, sponsored by the Swedish cheap fashion company H & M
H & M  gives us some more information in its press release
Last night, Sophia Bush, Emmy Rossum , Orlando Bloom , Miranda Kerr and Helen Hunt were among the guests who joined H&M and Global Green USA to celebrate their partnership and the kickoff of H&M's global garment recycling program at Global Green's 10th annual Pre-Oscar party.  H&M, as a proud sponsor of the event, featured an exclusive H&M Conscious* lounge which highlighted H&M's key sustainability initiatives including their fashionable Conscious clothing collections.  An ivory organic cotton three-piece suit from H&M's Spring 2013 Conscious Exclusive collection was worn by Sophia Bush on the green carpet. 
Here is what "the proud sponsor" chose not to tell the Hollywood "eco-luminaries":
H&M has come under fire after a Swedish broadcast claims the high-street retailer isn’t doing enough to prevent sweatshop-like conditions at a subcontractor’s factory in Cambodia. The television documentary, aired by TV4′s Kalla Fakta (“Cold Facts”) program on Wednesday night, alleges that Cambodian workers producing clothing for the company are paid so little they have to borrow money to buy food. -
The minimum wage for Cambodian garment workers is $61 per month—or 25 percent of what constitutes a living wage in the country, according to the Clean Clothes Campaign, a Netherlands-based labor alliance dedicated to improving working conditions in the global garment industry. The group blames chronic malnutrition, coupled with close quarters, for the near-epidemic of mass faintings occurring across factories in the region.
“Low wages come at a high cost,” says Jeroen Merk, a research coordinator at the Clean Clothes Campaign. “Last year, over 2,400 workers passed out in Cambodian factories due to malnutrition as a direct consequence of low salaries. But H&M, one of Cambodia’s main buyers, continues to refuse to pay a living wage to its workers. This is unacceptable.

After reading this, one can only hope that the "Conscious Exclusive collection" suit worn by by Sophia Bush was not made in Cambodia, by workers who passed out due to malnutrition! 

As to the "global garment recycling program", one has to hope that H & M does not use the same procedure which they applied in New York a couple of years ago:

On 6 January 2010, it was reported that unsold clothing and other items in one New York City store are cut up before being discarded, presumably to prevent resale or use


The Hollywood Reporter also interviewed Oscar-nominated actress Helen Hunt, who was on the Pre-Oscar Party host committee, about what she has been doing in order to fight global warming:

THR: How can Hollywood help?
Hunt: We can help shine the light on both the climate science and the solutions, including through events like this. I also think we can all take action ourselves where ever possible. I spent last Saturday with my daughter doing a beach clean up with Heal the Bay


Anonymous said...

That's what 'sustainable' means to these people- more for them, LESS for the workers they employ. And eventually, LESS workers, so LESS CO2.

A number of people have said that reducing human population is the best way to reduce emmissions.....

Unknown said...

let them kill them self's and give there millions to the poor lear jet libtards

Derfel Cadarn said...

One must always remember that those people calling the loudest for sacrifice are not planning to be the ones doing the sacrificing.