Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Warmist propaganda film maker gets one thing right: Al Gore "completely the wrong person" as climate change "spokesperson"

New Zealand geologist and amateur cameraman Simon Lamb has made a global warming film, "Thin Ice" - a joint project between Oxford and Victoria Universities - which premieres next month on Earth Day, when "it will be screened simultaneously across the world, free of charge".

Lamb's film is, as could be expected, full of warmist propaganda, masquerading as science. But it is not difficult to agree with what he has to say about Al Gore (in the second sentence):

"He's a smart man, Al Gore, but he's not a climate scientist. And he's sort of become the 

spokesperson and he's completely the wrong person."

As warmists so often do, also Lamb uses children - his own six year old daughter - in order to 

promote his alarmist message:

Dr Lamb's 6-year-old daughter will be front and centre.
She was born the year her Dad started making the film - the motivation for getting started.
"Say the climate change actually was quite severe and bad and my daughter said to me, well what did you do about it? I'd say well, I'm not a climate scientist but, what I tried to do is use my skills to communicate what the science said."
He must be doing something right - she's already taken an interest in the subject.
"I ask her well what is the Greenhouse effect, and she's not really quite sure, so she's picked up some things, yes."
Lamb's six year old daughter, who says "she is not really quite sure" about the Greenhouse effect, appears to have "picked up" more than her father!
One of the warmists featured in Lamb's film is Phil Jones of Climategate fame. In one sequence we can see Jones at work in his state of the art office:

Phil Jones at work, surrounded by heaps of "evidence" for global warming. Note the box in the bottom right hand corner. Is that where he stores his copy of the hockey stick graph?

Watching Jones at work, makes one wonder:

Would you buy a used car from this man?

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