Wednesday, 27 March 2013

WWF Russia is worried about huge snow cover killing animals

For once the WWF is worried about a real environmental problem. WWF Russia reports that an up to two meter thick snow cover is killing animals in the country's far eastern regions: 

Deep snow covered by ice crust has led to the deaths of many wild hoofed animals of various species in the far eastern woodlands in Russia, WWF Russia said.
"Dense snow which fell in January and was followed by a thaw in early February has created critical environmental conditions for the survival of wild hoofed animals. The snow is almost two meters thick in some places," the WWF's the Amur branch said.
According to Sergey Aramilev, WWF Russia Amur branch biodiversity conservation coordinator, both adult and young animals including boars, Manchurian wapitis and roe deers, have died because of unusually dense snow and poaching.

No doubt the alarmists at the WWF International Headquarters in Switzerland have  already reprimanded Mr. Aramilev for "forgetting" to mention that the thick snow is entirely due to human caused global warming. 


kerryfox said...

Planetary warming does cause many effects some unexpected.

kerryfox said...

Planetary warming has unusual effects at times. 93% of climatologist agree, the rest are just out of the loop in knowledge or get paid by FAUX TV (it's not news)