Sunday, 14 April 2013

UK MPs getting serious about stopping the wind power idiocy: "The time has come to stop feeding this extraordinary cash cow"

Wind turbines in Ardrossan, Scotland. 
(image wikipedia)

Finally, the opposition against the inefficient, bird killing and landscape destroying monstrous wind turbines is getting serious in Britain:

Wind farm developers are facing a dramatic escalation of opposition from dozens of MPs who say they will fight every application in their constituencies.

The MPs, many of whom have until now only opposed particular proposals, believe their intervention will make it more difficult for planning permission to be given.
In a fresh protest against the Government’s support for onshore wind turbines, backbenchers said their constituencies had reached “tipping point” and would be ruined by further development.
They are sharing advice on running local campaigns against wind farms after the Tory head of a larger cross party group of MPs opposed to the spread of onshore wind distributed a manual on how to fight proposals by developers.
The move comes after the group of 106 MPs - 101 of them Tories - called on the Government to cut generous subsidies, which they say are driving the expansion of wind farms. In a letter to the Prime Minister in February last year they warned it was “unwise” to make consumers subsidise “inefficient and intermittent energy production”.
Geoffrey Cox, the MP for Torridge and West Devon, one of the signatories to the letter said: “There are now so many turbine applications that the whole of our district is affected. I believe we have now reached a tipping point.  ==
Mr Cox said the proposals for six turbines on privately owned farmland in Torridge followed the construction of “dozens” of turbines in the last three years.
He said: “Torridge is now facing over 60 applications. They are going to make a fundamental change to the character of this exquisite landscape, trashing an ancient and beautiful countryside for the sake of filling the pockets of developers with consumer subsidies.
“These are some of the most romantic and attractive destinations in our country and yet we are erecting giant machines which litter the countryside. The time has come to stop feeding this extraordinary cash cow.”
The UK MPs now fighting the wind turbine scam are also serving as important role models in the growing global anti wind power movement. It's time to stop the wasteful wind turbine idiocy! 


james said...

to late for REDCAR our coast line destroyed by labour lord prescott

Jack said...

Very scary and worrying that the issue should divide on Party lines. Are there really no Labour Party realists?