Thursday, 30 May 2013

Australian state of Victoria leading the way in fight against wind energy madness

The Australian state of Victoria is leading the way in stopping ineffective, costly and bird killing taxpayer subsidized wind turbines:

Welcome to my home state of Victoria, Australia's hub of art and culture, lane-way cafes and wonderful coffee, Aussie Rules football, the miraculous leadbeater's possum, and magnificent forests.
And also, after law changes in 2011, one of the most difficult places in the world to build a wind farm.
Back in 2011, the then-premier of Victoria, Ted Baillieu, enacted laws that, according to The Conversation website, effectively imposes a blanket ban on wind farms in many parts of the state:
They effectively give the owners of any dwelling within 2km of a proposed wind farm the power to decide whether or not the development should proceed.
The laws were part of the conservative Liberal-National coalition's 2010 election platform to "restore fairness and certainty to the planning process for wind farms". The laws have definitely provided certainty. --
The chilling effect of these planning laws is plain. Only one application to build a new wind farm has been made since the new laws came into effect.
The warmist Alexander White, writing in the Guardian, is of course whining, but the rest of us have reason to celebrate. May Victoria serve as a model for other regions, states and countries all over the world! It's time to stop the stupidity! 

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