Sunday, 5 May 2013

Die Welt about the total failure of Germany's heavily subsidized solar and biofuel industries

The total failure of Angela Merkel's "green" energy policy is becoming more evident every day. The quality daily Die Welt now reports that the billions of subsidies to the solar and biofuel industries have been a total waste of German taxpayers' money. 

Only a few years ago the German government proudly let it be known that these two eco-industries soon would overtake the traditional machine engineering and car industries and provide jobs for hundreds of thousands Germans.

Now it's time for a reality check, die Welt writes:
 "The German solar industry is disappearing before our eyes. Within a year more than one third of all companies have gone out of business. Solar subsidies worth over 100 billion euros during twenty years created a flash in the pan on the labor market. 

According to official statistics the German solar cell and module industry now employs only 6000 people. 

Now it appears that the biofuel industry, another eco-energy branch is foundering, which means that another cornerstone of the German energy transition and climate change policies is disappearing." 

Germans are a hard working and law abiding people, who do not easily take to the streets in order to protest. But if this sad waste of ordinary taxpayers' money is allowed to continue, I would not be surprised if they would begin to react more forcefully. 

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