Friday, 12 July 2013

Google hosting a lunch for Senator James Inhofe - Greenies totally lose control

Google's decision to host a lunch for Senator James Inhofe has led to a total loss of control among latte liberals and greenies:

But you'll have to go elsewhere to hear about its support for Senator James Inhofe, described by a San Francisco Chronicle columnist as "the delusional or dishonest Oklahoma Republican" who has called global warming the "greatest hoax."
The "Green" giant is helping to raise lots of green for his re-election by hosting a lunch at its Washington office on July 11, costing as much as $2,500 per plate. Google has a large data center in Oklahoma, the senator's home state.
James Temple, writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, called it a "shameful act of corporate hypocrisy."
He pointed out that the senator has tried McCarthy-like tactics in accusations against 17 top climate scientists of violating the Federal False Statements Act, which could result in five years in prison over their global warming claims.
Mr Temple wrote,"This is the type of person whom reasonable, thoughtful people — people who supposedly cherish science, data, and reason — call out as dangerous and unfit for public office."
Vice's Brian Merchant, writing on Motherboard, pointed out that Google was the largest donor to the Competitive Enterprise Institute's recent fundraising dinner, writing a check of $50,000 to the anti-science conservative think tank.
Forecast the Facts is collecting signatures for a petition asking CEO Larry Page to cancel the lunch.
Hopefully somebody now organizes a collection of signatures asking the Google CEO to double the funding for the lunch! 

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Hope it goes well for Senator Inhofe, as he is one of few honest politicians, who dare speak out loud and clearly about the imperial observations.
The US and the rest of the world need more prominent persons like Inhofe.